About Us


The ART of BBQ LLC a.k.a TAOB began with a passion for food an
d good BBQ. We have spent many hours working on ways to give our patrons a BBQ experience they will remember, our customers can attest to that. Our award winning Ribs and Chicken are like no other. The chicken and pork rub that I have spent many hours to perfect compliments the meat very well, along with the BBQ sauce that believe it or not I came up with my very first attempt (because I actually wrote down what I was doing). Although we are catering only at this time, we do intend to open a spot where you can come and get great BBQ as well as pick up some sauce, rub and make these same flavors in your own backyard.

Some of our Pit Crew






Our Rigs

  • 22 foot smoker
  • 4’ x 8’ Santa Maria style Grill

rig1 rig3